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How To Get Your Real Estate Investments Funded

Borrowing Is More Expensive

It is that time in the business cycle again when capital and credit tightens up, and borrowing becomes more expensive. This has affected the Hard Money space where rates have gone up (versus last year) for both fix n flip, bridge and long term loans.

Capital markets and especially venture capital for startups is contracting. This will likely prove to be a downward spiral as more of those businesses implode, and their investors become more fearful.

A few failing banks mean fewer options for traditional commercial loans and home mortgages, as well as negative consumer sentiment. With less liquidity and higher interest rates making borrowing more expensive through working capital channels.

What are some of the ways that you can continue to fund your real estate business and deals?

Private Money

Some private funds may still have capital they need to deploy. Or cash from recent exits that they need to put back to work in real estate and mortgage loans.

Friends & Family

Many of the people in your life are currently also eagerly and urgently looking for ways to protect their money from failing banks, a declining stock market, and poorly performing retirement accounts. All while trying to find ways to avoid recent tax hikes and new taxes, while trying to keep up with extreme inflation. You can help them by putting their money to work, and giving them strong returns.

Grants & Awards

If you are interested in interest free and non-dilutive capital then look around at the various grant programs and competitions available.

MK Capital Funding can provide up to 90%/100% on fix and flips and up to 80% on buy and hold purchases and refi's. Financing for your deals, at competitive rates and terms, while keeping your business and income flowing smoothly during these times.

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