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Proof of Funds

What is a proof of funds letter?

In today’s competitive marketplace, a verifiable proof of funds letter from a reputable lender is critical to secure a deal. The proof of funds (POF) letter is used by borrowers looking to purchase a property to rehab and flip. In order for the investor to put a bid in on the house, they must prove to the seller that they have enough cash available to close the deal. Essentially, the proof of funds letter is a statement signed by a Principal at MK Capital Funding that informs the seller of the buyer’s ability to fund the purchase. The POF is verifiable and we are there for you when your seller, bank, real estate agent calls to verify that the money is real and ready to fund your deal.

Need a proof of funds letter for a real estate investment?

MK Capital Funding is happy to provide verifiable proof of funds letters for real estate investors. MK CapitalFunding issues proof of funds letters for current borrowers, as well as other investors that are serious about closing on a property and using MK Capital Funding to fund the deal. We understand that investors need to move quickly in order to close and our processing team will issue the proof of funds quickly as the request is made.

How to request proof of funds letter:

To request a proof of funds, please fill out the form on this page or email a request to in order to process the request, we need the following information:

  • Purchasing entity name 

  • Fico score (middle score) of all people on the LLC

  • Total liquidity (cash stocks in the bank, excluding retirement)

If you are not currently a borrower with MK Capital Funding, there is a one-time $195 processing fee for the proof of funds and is refundable at closing should you move forward with a loan. Once this fee is paid you are entitled to unlimited proof of funds requests. We give you a 3-month POF and renew it automatically every 3 months for you at no charge and for as long as you would like. We review your Fico reports and assets like a bank would and can give you a POF up to 4 times assets. Once you have made the request, a member of our loan processing team will provide you with a secure method to pay the deposit. Our team is typically able to complete your proof of funds request within 1 business day.

Request POF Letter  

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